What to wear

Have you ever seen a professional High School Senior portrait where it looks like someone came straight from out of bed with-messy hair, wrinkled clothing, bushy mono eye brows, nail polish half gone, mascara under their eyes, way too tan (orange looking), hair all messed up, with a holey t-shirt on that has writing all over it? Probably NOT! Any of the characteristics listed above is what you DON’T want to do!

So, what should you wear?
Something you feel comfortable in! You are going to look your best when you feel your best!
Plan your outfits in advance! You don’t want to be running around 15 minutes before the shoot looking for your favorite jeans! Have everything all ready to go in advance! You can bring as many outfits as you would like to the shoot.
Have a variety of styles.
Wear colors that compliment you!

People come in all shapes and sizes
Pictures are taken every day, probably even every second all around the world. Right at this moment someone is probably saying “Eww…I don’t like that picture, I look FAT, UGLY, WEIRD, GROSS”…stick your own adjective in… and it’s been said. Remember people come in all shapes and sizes. Some have bigger legs, some have bigger arms, some are super tall, some are short and some are super skinny!  First off be proud of yourself and what you look like!  You are you!  With that said there are a few tricks to help you look your best for your session.  As a photographer these are the portrait guidelines we are taught but are not set in stone. Be creative and have fun but keep these in mind while picking your wardrobe.
Most important thing to remember is that the eye goes to the lightest, largest item in the picture and if this is your shoulders and arms, it will take the viewers gaze away from your face.
               Solid colors photograph better than pattern
             Shirts with large writing are a NO NO!
           Think about the environment you’re in-if you’re at the beach, choose beach colors-blues, tans,             greens, etc.
Sleeves are a difficult topic to know…should I wear sleeves? Should I not? Generally speaking they say sleeves are better than no sleeves…but if you’re taking a picture in the summer it might look ridiculous to wear sleeves.  Spaghetti strap dresses are cute though and they don’t have sleeves.  So basically like stated before, bring a variety of options.
Know your body and what looks great on you! 

If  you want to get a hair cut, make sure to get  it cut 2 weeks prior to getting your pictures taken.
Wear your hair so that it feels comfortable and how you want people to remember you.
If you always wear a hat, bring it!

All in all, High School Senior Portraits are meant for you to be remembered for who you are!
You are special and we want to capture you!

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