Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{South Bend/High School Senior Portrait Photographer/barbZappia}

We are SO excited about our 2014 Senior Models this year. Thank you Sarah, Isabel, Kaylin, Harvey, Emily, Courtney, Annie, Amanda, Lucy and Lexi!   You will be seeing more of their pictures soon.    
Our 2014 Post Cards have gone out but if you did not receive one please mention this post and we will honor the free session for you.  Remember, you must make your appointment before June 30th. You do not have to have your session by then, just your appointment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{High School Senior Portrait Photographer/SouthBend/Granger}-Taylor

    I love to ask my High School Seniors if there is a special place they would like to go to take their senior pictures. I've had some fun responses but never a Lama Farm where Taylor took me.   It was  beautiful and I can see why Taylor likes to work there.   Thanks Taylor for sharing your special place!